What’s Your Public Relations Strategy in 2022?

As we head into the New Year, our team is evaluating our business goals for the year ahead. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you may be in the same spot. I recently chatted with a small business owner who told me they had tried a variety of marketing strategies in the past year,Continue reading “What’s Your Public Relations Strategy in 2022?”

Cristy Brusoe Named A 2021 Business of Pride Honoree

We were thrilled to announce that our founder, Cristy Brusoe, has been announced as a Tampa Bay Business Journal 2021 Business of Pride Honoree. Business of Pride highlights individuals and companies across Tampa Bay for their work in helping to advance lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in the workplace. As a member of theContinue reading “Cristy Brusoe Named A 2021 Business of Pride Honoree”

What to Look For In An Entrepreneurship Coach

I was nearly six years into my business, when I started noticing an interesting, new trend in my work. Through LinkedIn, mutual contacts, and even word-of-mouth, I had been asked several times by a variety of people, for an hour of my time, to talk through their business plans. While I had never considered myselfContinue reading “What to Look For In An Entrepreneurship Coach”

What’s Your Story?

Oftentimes with clients, the first step in the public relations process is to identify what exactly their “story” is. Everyone has a story. But, for many, just like we as people don’t often like “talking about ourselves,” we also don’t like “talking about our professional selves.” Or, if that’s not the case, maybe we don’tContinue reading “What’s Your Story?”

Vine Park Brewery

Vine Park is the only brewery in the Midwest where you can brew your own beer and make your own wine on our equipment with our help. Vine Park has been the Fun Place to Brew Your Own Beer & Make Your Own Wines since 1995! Vine Park retained Brusoe Communications to craft a message,Continue reading “Vine Park Brewery”

Sealed Mindset

Sealed Mindset is a Navy SEAL-inspired defense training system that offers a variety of tools, training, and inspiration to grow confidence in your self-defense skills. From the real world experience of special operations warriors, translated and taught in a revolutionary way to the Citizen Defender, Sealed Mindset Training is a one of a kind methodContinue reading “Sealed Mindset”